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A Picture of me standing on a new-orleans street corner. I'm wearing a plaid shirt and skirt, knee-high stockings, and a cool new bucket hat!

Hello there, and welcome to my website! Looking around, you may find yourself confused at what my general focus here is, given all the wacky projects and lack of coherence across projects, but I like to think of it like this. I love to create things, it's well... my favorite thing. Especially with software. When I have a problem to solve or an idea for a project, I go immediately into trying to solve it, and the projects, good or bad, end up here. I'll try to prioritize the visibility of the good stuff and keep the bad to a minimum so you see the most interesting and useful stuff. Given this approach, I've dipped my toes into a lot of different buckets, I do web stuff, games, desktop stuff, mobile apps, and even extensions and plugins for other programs. Although it's fun to think about dipping toes into buckets, I think my workflow is more akin to a stove, in which I'm quickly running out of backburners. Give it enough time, and my whole kitchen will burn down!

In addition to my personal projects, I've been working since early 2019 professionally. I've done work both as a freelance software developer doing gigs on Upwork, and I've held two internship positions, one as a game developer, and one doing cybersecurity software with Microsoft Access. I've done some other work through clubs and academia, and you can find my resume here if you're looking for a more detailed account of my work history. I'm always looking for new ways to expand my business, and I'm looking into doing on-contract websites, resume commissions, and possibly other services. I don't have a professional headshot yet because, well I haven't gotten around to having one made, so you're just going to have to deal with this abhorrently bland wall of text.

As far as me personally, well, my work and personal life actually tend to blend quite well. My coding obsession extends far into my free time. But when I do manage to pull my eyes away from the text editor, I have interests in math and science, and I love animation, be it cartoons or anime, as well as video games. I'm also sufferring froma crippling YouTube addiciton (hint, hint, project to deal with this comming soon!). Looking at my social media profile pictures, you've probably been able to deduce, yes, I'm also quite active in the furry community! The fox in my profile picture is my character Florian, and I'll be making a page specific for him soon. I'm also severely visually impaired (legally blind), and I plan to write about these topics and maybe even create some projects focussed on accessibility.

If you find my work interesting, feel free to follow me on any of the linked social media down below and I will post updates for new projects. In addition to the projects section, I will be including a blog type section which will include tutorials, guides, and maybe even just my opinions on some relevant topics. If you're interested in some kind of professional work or you just wanna send me criticism, questions, or hate mail, you're always welcome to email me, likely the fastest method to get ahold of me. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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