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Latest Articles

How to Literally Rip your Website in Half!

A guide to creating unique transition and graphical effects with HTML2Canvas, CSS animation and Javascript image composition.

The $10 Invention that Changed My Life

Assistive Technology companies charge highway-robbery for sub-par, products, but I found a clever solution to make a High-Quality CCTV on the Cheap

Make a simple, lightweight progress bar with Fetch and a single request.

A tutorial about making a simple progress bar with Express that requires no additional server infrastructure.

Create a Contact Form with a Telegram Bot

Create a contact form for your website with minimal code using the Telegram bot API

Unique Programming Project Ideas You Can Make

Developers are always in search of new project ideas, and I'm always coming up with new ones I'll never have the time to finish.

Things I Notice as a Visually Impaired Person - a Living List

A list of striking things I've noticed about myself as a visually impaired person.

My Path to Programming

Recounting my journey of learning to code from the beginning.

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