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Create a Contact Form with a Telegram Bot

Create a contact form for your website with minimal code using the Telegram bot API

Programming Project Ideas I may never get around to building, so you can have them

New project ideas hit me in the face every day and pull my attention towards things I may never finish. As I've said before, my workflow is akin to a stove running out of backburners with pots boiling over. I've got lots of projects, some in progress, some dead, and many that I'll never have time to build myself. Some are just extra features to add to existing services, some are simple utilities, and others are completely independent projects. I consider some of them to be quite good, and if I ever do get around to building one, it'll go from this onto the projects page. If you do take one of these ideas and run with it, it would be super epic if you'd give me a shoutout for the idea.

So you wanna write a tech blog?

Things I Notice as a Visually Impaired Person - a Living List

A list of striking things I've noticed about myself as a visually impaired person.

My Path to Programming

Recounting my journey of learning to code from the beginning.