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Blindly Conquering the Grocery Store on Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty

Written Sun Nov 12 2023, Updated Sun Nov 12 2023
A story of how I developed strategies to overcome my visual imparement to navigate the grocery store.

One of the hardest things I struggled with when first moving out was learning to navigate stores by myself. With ever dwindleing pockets and a desire to start cooking again. It was time I had to face this challange for the first time. I had been to the store many times with parents, but it was always on their terms and rarely instructional. I had never really been trusted with the responsiblity of shopping for things on all these many different aisles with fellow buggy-jockies clammering for space in a deathrace to get home before dinner.

The mantality

The magic of technology

Why not just do ...

With all the fancy delivery apps, going in-person starts to seem obsolete if you've got a disability. But everything has its drawbacks. The few times I've used these apps in the past, I've had all kinds of problems. Once I ordered two bunches of banans for banana bread and I got, get this, two SINGLE bananas. These apps also have n extremely lacking verieity, and often way overcharge for simple items.

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