A webapp to generate custom GitHub contribution history!

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A vue & express webapp to generate custom GitHub contribution history!

Project Status: Done

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  • User prompts of completed, error etc
  • Storing the last commit in the DB so we don't clone a repo with things the app didn't create
  • Revoke authorization and delete data
  • Tooltip of the date you're drawing on
  • Calendar stops at Dec 31st
  • Switch to ES6 modules for the backend instead of CommonJS


  • Edit none-destructively: check for commits already made that day and not commit if we don't need to
  • Mobile friendly UI? (Meh, probably not cause who would use this on mobile???)
  • Automatically Delete the repo from the Github (NO FOR NOW FOR SECURITY REASONS)
  • Import an image as a 52x7 github contribution history image
  • graph of current year starts with the current date of last year and goes to current date
  • Delete individual years of history (impossible for now)
  • Better click detection / drawing tools
  • A fill bucket?

Project setup

npm i

Debugging the Frontend

npm run serve

Building the Frontend

npm run build

Running the server

npm run server
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Tessa Painter - 2022

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