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A Godot game engine addon to simplify building navigable levels with complex collision geometry.

Form Stash

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Quickly stash the contents of HTML forms and reload them later. It's a great productivity tool and even autosaves your forms and syncs across all chrome browsers!

Quizlet Query

An API that relies on google custom search engine to search and deliver relevant answers from quizlet!

Sub Scrubber

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Finally clean out your YouTube sub-box, once and for all! A collaborative project done with my friend, Aidan Lovelace.


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A program to dub non-english media with modern AI speech synthesis, diarization, and deep-fake voice cloning!

BusinessCard Parser

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Snap a photo of a business card, and the app will scrape it for contact info. Add to your contacts or save for later

Close Quarters

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A pirate game created for LudumDare42


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A webapp to generate custom GitHub contribution history!

PHP Forum Tutorial

A YouTube tutorial series that teaches you how to build a forum with PHP!

JellyBean Suits

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A website for the fursuit maker & Artist JellyFish Dragon. In colaboration with Shazu Studios

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the personal website of Tessa Painter

Tree Hook

An API and webhook for Mr. Beast's

Tessa Painter - 2022

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