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An eager developer aiming to gain experience and apply my knowledge and abilities meaningfully contributing to software or cybersecurity projects.


Jun-Aug 2022

Field Organizer

Steve Mulroy for Shelby County DA Campaign

  • Created scripts to manage and manipulate data, automate tedious tasks, and help us gain insight and better connect with voters
  • Edited media-ready videos and made persuasive graphics to promote our candidate
  • Managed social media posting to optimize engagement
  • Modified our campaign website and provided daily IT assistance and setup

Jun 2019-Jan 2021

Software / Cybersecurity Engineer

Lockheed Martin

  • Created a realtime web control panel for a hypersonic missile simulator with Python/Flask, SocketIO, and HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Built fullstack battery simulator with Python, VueJS, and Websockets
  • Created CyberTracker, an RMF based Access Application to manage cyber credentials of employees & critical systems
  • Wrote Linux bash test/maintenance scripts for critical systems to validate security features

Jun 2019

Freelance Web Developer

Greenway Biotech

  • Created custom, scalable web components to display information about the nutritional composition of various plant supplements
  • Built JS integrations for existing Shopify pages

May 2019

Server Software Development

Freelance Contractor

  • Created a server application using Kotlin, ImageJ, and Jetty
  • Wrote algorithms to contrast images and identify the differences between them
  • Added implementations for an Android and iOS app


Mobile/Desktop Application Development

Freelance Contract

  • Created a companion app for WAGUN, a word based board game
  • Used LibGDX and Kotlin to deploy to Desktop, iOS, and Android

Jan-Jul 2019

Game Developer - Smart Response Lite

The BrainTrust LLC

  • Coded dialogue trees and dynamic cutscenes
  • Created Level Sequences and Blueprint Logic
  • Managed AWS CodeCommit and multimedia asset pipeline



Python program that uses AI / ML frameworks to dub any video in any language

Illegally Blind

Blog & Tiktok where I write about unique solutions to programming challenges and living with blindness. Built with Vue/NuxtJS w/ Automatic publishing

Form Stash

Browser extension for storing form data on websites so you can come back and finish it later.

Tessa Painter - 2022

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