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A Pro-Vegan Rant on the State of the Vegan Community

Written Fri Oct 06 2023, Updated Fri Oct 06 2023
A myriad of opinions on Veganism and how the vegan community can expand its reach and efficacy

I'm going to go into this article under the presumption that Veganism is a positive perscription for society. I'm won't miander about animal rights, the enviorment, health, or any other reasons one should consider Veganism. However, there are some major issues with the community vegans cultivate and the general social understanding of veganism.

The cold turkey vegan

It's important ot remember that all progress is good progress, and any progress is better than no progress.

So, just like the rest of the left, vegans are the worst at advocating for their cause and terribler with optics. The war over your dinner plate will be fought with new recipies, resturaunts, cookbooks, and a willingness to listen and adapt to the people you're trying to convert.

Cultural Growing Pains

Most people who grow up eating and cooking meat know how to make it taste good. If I say "cook me some chicken," there are a ton of ways you might instantly think of for chicken. Garlic butter chicken, lemon pepper chicken, bbq chicken, lemon pepper chicken, etc, and so on for every type of meat. But veganism and plant based meals high in protien and packed with savory, umami flavor are very new for most people. The biggest issue is when a normal person hears "vegan" they think "vegitables" or say something like "I need that meaty flavor" when this is completely achivable w/ veganism and cultures have practiced making delicious vegan foods for centuries. Vegans have also made their culture very inaccessible. When you search for vegan recipies, you get foods that seem totally foreign to people who have never explored other cultures and will likely be unwilling to try. When you look at these recipies, they're composed of ingreedients many people have never heard of, cost a pretty penny in many parts of the US, or have no idea where to buy. Togaroshi, quinoa, gochu jam, lemon grass paste? These are all the first ingredients of the first "vegan recipie" video on YouTube. No one will EVER become vegan if this is the best we have to offer someone who doesn't know anything about the culture. What we need is someone to adapt all the most popular western recipies to be vegan friendly, cool resturaunts with awesome vegan foods, and a good understanding of "eating less meat" rather than being a "cold-turkey" vegan.

Oh and don't get me started on actual vegans. A ton of them are stuffy, blowhard virtue-signaling upperclass know-it-alls that purity test and gatekeep constantly. They need to realize that working towards veganism is just as admirable as being a vegan. Meatless mondays and meat the rest of the week? Awesome! Crulety free shampoo, but stilll can't get rid of that icky face cream because there's not a vegan alternative? Props to you fro trying, and we as vegans need to wrok harder to develop an alternative for you.

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